Pontex was founded by Pio Ferretti in 1972.

It was born as a buy-and-sell activity of shuttle weaving fabrics for fashion and ready-to-wear retailers from Veneto and Emilia – Romagna mainly.

At the beginning it used to focus only on ready-to-wear fashion market, but later in time it adapted to the market’s needs and its constant changes by developing a wide range of products presenting them in two collections, Summer and Autumn/Winter. This became Pontex’s milestone: the main work consists in the transformation of gray or semifinished goods produced by subcontractors who are exalted and enriched with the Italian taste and know-how.

The company focused in linen and cotton fabrics in the first place, but after few years it widened its range including new kinds of materials, techniques and types in order to guarantee to the clientele the richest and captivating series of products.
The result is a high and constant-quality fruit, that has been appreciated during the years and still today it never stops proposing new ideas, developing and improving itself.

Since Pontex Ltd’s foundation in 1996 with a fully paid-up share capital of over 1,000,000 € the foundations for the development and growth of the commercial reality who transforms shuttle weaving fabrics from a basic to a high product were laid.

All of our products are studied and developed by Pontex Ltd through its Internal Style Office which selects the best suppliers, the yarns, re-elaborates them and enriches itself with the hints provided by its primary clientele both Italian and foreign.

All the finishing touches are done by Italian companies such as dyeworks, printing houses, and businesses specialised in the application of resins, laminations and every kind of finishing process.

Nowadays the firm is led by Letizia Ferretti, Pio Ferretti’s daughter, who is responsible for the commercial supervision and the production.

Letizia Ferretti leads an executive board formed by the Direction and Commercial Network that reunites branches located in Italy, Europe, Usa, China and Japan. This results in a simple and versatile structure that guarantees a quick intervention procedure and limited managing costs.

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