The identity of unique fabrics is apart of our historical tradition

To have an identity means to us to become unique, through the choice of a product realized by fabrics which have their own strong personality but always related to the same thought which has created them.

Pontex conceives the dimension of the fabric as something which goes over the borders to wear: uniqueness, quality and durability in the long terms, virtually intertwine together.

The strengths, as always in the Pontex Collections, are the wide choice of high quality fabrics together with highly competitive prices. At a time when it is very complex for the customer to make purchase forecasts, Pontex provides an all-round service, supplying raw materials, even sustainable ones, from the warehouse and related processes guaranteed by the best trusted Italian subcontractors.

Quality, uniqueness and service are our reason to be alive. Pontex provides the solidity of an all-round service by supplying the raw material, including sustainable ones and in the warehouse as stock service, and all related processes guaranteed by the best trusted Italian subcontractors. 

Reliability and fastness in the service: this is what we grant. This means never miss a delivery , answer any time to any client s need and solve any critical aspect, or at the beginning either after goods have been delivered.

Experience means to us a deep knowledge acquired in the time, directly on acting, through practice together with attention to acts: since 1972 we are in the market and we pay attention to all evolutions and peculiarities in order to create something unique.

Innovation and Made in Italy are meant as Italian Style and  continuity of the supply chain, respect of work and territory: it is our added value of all our fabrics which are transformed by reliable third parties in Italy.

The finishes are always made in Italy: dyeing, printing, resins, bonded fabrics. Dyeing facilities, printing factories, companies specializing in resin applications, laminating and finishing. Each fabric is rigorously checked and tested for quality control.


All textiles are created and developed by Pontex Spa through the Internal Design Dept, which selects the best suppliers starting from the yarn reworked and enriched in relation to customer requests, in Italy and abroad.


Jitac – European Textile Fair – 15/17 March 2023

We will present our new 2024 Spring-Summer Fabric Collection at the Jitac – European Textile Fair: from 15 to 17 March. navigate_next


Viscose and elastomer velvets, tactile fabrics customisable in their colour and aspect too   The activity of Pontex Research & Development has created viscose velvets and elastomer velvets, completely customisable in every aspect   Velvet is a must-have element in all the collections of fabrics for clothing by Pontex: it is due do its exceptional wearability and to its aspect that is elegant and casual at the same time, depending on the effect that we want to trigger and communicate. In fact, velvet expresses itself through its two different versions: the smooth, elegant and refined one, and the corduroy, more casual and vintage. The contrasts between shiny and matt, the irregular and crushed effects proposed in the Pontex Collection make it a living, soft and fluid fabric, to be explored through enveloping clothes like blazers, corduroy shirts and  high-quality, contemporary and sophisticated trousers. Velvet is unique and charismatic, due to its soft and fluffy texture: touching it, you immediately feel the sensation of its body in your hands and the unique way it reflects light and absorbs the colour. Sumptuous and regal thanks to the deepness of its vivid colour that changes depending on light, velvet has been able over the time to adapt itself to a more daily use too, thanks to the different processing techniques that characterise it with different aspects: from corduroy to froissé (creased aspect), from velveton (Moleskine) to jacquard (that has its design woven into the weft) Quality and utmost customisation  The R&S team of Pontex constantly designs new types of velvet for clothing, that undergo continuous and thorough quality tests. All the velvets for clothing by Pontex are top quality, authentic, versatile fabrics, customisable in their aspect and colour depending on the Customer’s needs. In order to obtain greater durability, elasticity and wearability, the range of velvets by Pontex includes viscose velvets and elastomer velvets too. Contact us for more information about our fabrics for clothing:  navigate_next

Munich Fabric Start – 24/26 January 2023 – Hall 4, Booth E120

We will present our new 2024 Spring-Summer Fabric Collection in Munich Fabric Start: from 24 to 26 January, hall H4 – booth E120. We hope to see you on that occasion and we invite you to contact us writing an e mail to for forthere information about our products. navigate_next