Bio-based resins and fluorocarbon free treatments: eco-friendliness in textile industry

Natural resins, gots dyes with natural colourants and pigments, closed-circuit finishings and ecological waterproof treatments: this is how Pontex celebrates eco-friendliness

The new collection created for the next Spring Summer celebrates eco-friendliness proposing resin treated fabrics for clothing with an increased “nature effect”.

Why “increased”?

Because natural resins, natural colourings and pigments and closed-circuit finishings, with a low impact on environment, are applied on these fabrics.

Pontex aims at eliminating perfluorinated compounds and the trend topic of the season consists in 70% bio-based membranes made with natural substances like corn and rapeseed, waterproof and with an organic basis.

These membranes can be applied on any kind of fabric. 

The true protagonist of this fresh and inclusive new Capsule is our resin-treated PRISMA code 01203/642 top-quality pima yarn 80/80 realised with 100% cotton, to which a bio-based membrane is applied and on which a fluorocarbon free treatment (a state-of-the-art waterproof ecological treatment) is carried out.

Thus, a waterproof technical fabric for clothing is obtained, that, despite its high performance, presents a soft and round hand, perfect in springtime.

Art. 01203/642  PRISMA BIO FLU.FREE MEMBRANE – 100% Cotton + biobased membrane – width: cm 142/145 – weight: 150m2 +/-5% 215mtl


  • Its waterproof effect lasts over time 
  • Fluorine free
  • Resistant to several washings 
  • Good breathability
  • It dries in the air
  • Soft and round hand
  • High comfort
  • Ideal for outdoor clothes and sportswear 

The new Pontex Collection is inclusive from all points of view: each proposed fabric for clothing is intended for a versatile use and all its aspects can be customised depending on the functionality demanded for the final item of clothing. 

All finishing operations on the resin-treated fabrics for clothing of the Pontex Collection are made in Italy.

“The concept of eco-responsibility, in all regards, is the key focus of the company reflection. It is worthless to reaffirm that this historical period imposes us to rethink the production methods, with our resin treatment we have made another step forward for a more sustainable fashion and to respect the environment that surrounds us. The company focus remains that of providing our customers with a wide selection of high-range and customisable fabrics for clothing, developed in Italy, at a competitive price.”

Letizia Ferretti, CEO Pontex