Ever-green clothes for a sustainable and eco-friendly wardrobe

Against a pop and drop fashion and to reduce the ecological impact of textile waste, we can start with the consumption habits of fashion: Pontex prefers a style that purchases ever-green clothes, with sustainable fabrics for clothing, bio-based resins with natural dyes and recycled cottons 

 art. 01607/P13 RECYCLED COTTON – 32% Cotton 3% Spandex weight 325mt2, 470mtl height 141/144

A more sustainable and high-quality fashion is the goal of the “EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles”, to be implemented within 2030. The impact of textile products on environment is in fourth place in Europe after food, accommodation and transport. Therefore, EU wants to declare war to fast fashion, the low price “pop and drop” fashion, with rules that favour the use of recycled fibres, reduce that of micro-plastics, prohibit the destruction of unsold stock. 
If we want to reduce the ecological impact of textile waste and help to counteract climate change, we can start with the consumption habits of fashion preferring a style that purchases ever-green clothes.

But what are ever-green clothes? 

Ever-green clothes are long-lasting clothes, that remain beautiful over time and are always trendy. It is underlined also by Elle in its 10 rules to make fashion system circular, in which, in first place, we find “Producing long-lasting clothes”: 
Clothes realised with Pontex fabrics for clothing are clothes to grow fond of, with which you can establish an emotional connection, to be kept always with you in your wardrobe. Blazers, gabardines, trousers, shirts, recycled cottons, realised with sustainable raw materials like organic cotton with GOTS and BCI certifications, Supima cottons, bio-based resins. To be worn in their naturalness or combined with colourful and dense shades, with natural dyes.

Pontex decided to bet on these sustainable fabrics, against fast fashion filling the oceans with plastic, and remain faithful to the vision of the company, in which the identity of unique fabrics, realised according to originality and craftmanship, is part of a historical tradition that is brought forth since 1972. 

Recycled And Indigo Yarn-Dyed Cotton    

Recycled and indigo yarn-dyed cotton with special shades to create clothes that are unique over time, with very different and never common aspects. With these one-hundred-percent sustainable fabrics we realise trousers that are versatile and always trendy but, most of all, attentive to the environment. 

Furthermore, recent dyeing techniques include a number of special treatments that allow to limit water dispersion and the use of chemical products.

art. 01717/638 Allison Indigo – 100% Cotton – Height 144/147 cm – Weight 135 gr/m2 – 200gr/mtl 

Bci Cotton And Gots Cotton: Organic And Sustainable

The Pontex range of sustainable fabrics also includes:

  • Organic and sustainable cotton with BCI certification, that guarantees the organic origin of the textile fibres and their traceability along their eco-friendly production chain.
  • Organic and sustainable cotton with GOTS certification, the highest standard in the world for organic fibres; in addition to verifying compliance of the whole textile chain with the requirements of organic production, it also evaluates if requirements of environmental and social responsibility are met along the whole production chain.A pair of trousers, a blazer or a shirt realised with BCI or GOTS cotton are undoubtedly clothes essential to a sustainable wardrobe, real “timeless pieces” for a trend that remains from season to season.
Trousers in organic cotton Gots fabric: art. 01189/P49 Summer Peach  – 97% Cotone 3% Elastomero – Height 145/148 cm – weight 310/320 gr. 

A pair of trousers, a blazer or a shirt realised with BCI or GOTS cotton are undoubtedly clothes essential to a sustainable wardrobe, real “timeless pieces” for a trend that remains from season to season. 

art. 01121/P02 Pepper Piuma PXT BCI 100% Cotton – Height 147/150 cm – Weight 135 gr/m2 – 210/220 gr/mtl


The eco-friendly and safe GOTS dyes make garments made with Pontex fabrics a unique CONSCIOUS-FASHION experience.

Different examples of GOTS dyes: art 01189 Sweet Gots

Organic resins with natural dyes

Resin-treated fabrics for clothing, realised also with bio-based organic resins, for the production of clothes and dresses as well as blazers, gabardines and trousers, that combine comfort and efficiency, style and trend. For the resin-treated fabrics for clothing proposed by Pontex, the most used textile fibres are cotton, organic cotton and linen.
The dye of these resins is completely natural, of plant origin, realised through eco-friendly processes: no toxicity, then, and no allergic reactions on your skin because no chemical products were used to dye these fabrics. 

An example of resin-treated fabric for clothing from Pontex Fall Winter 22.23 Collection, obtained from organic resins and natural dyes: art. 01605/637 Molveno Organic Resin 100% Cotton + resin – Weight 265 gr/m2 – 390 gr/mtl 

Natural dyes are considered eco-friendly since they are obtained from renewable resources; they are biodegradable and the remaining material left after extraction of the dye can be easily composted and used as fertilizer. From an aesthetic point of view, dyes with natural colours allow wonderful colourings, very different from those obtained from synthetic dyes.

Supima Cotton

Supima cotton, also known as “luxury cotton”, is a cotton with a long fibre (that can exceed 29 mm) and very resistant, as well as thin. It is one of the most refined and precious cottons in the world, recognised for its extraordinary softness and shininess, that makes it better after each washing, without losing its shape and resisting to tears and rips.
Our Collection of fabrics for clothing also includes Supima Cotton to realize comfortable and elegant trousers in sportswear style: a must-have both in women’s and men’s wardrobe. 

art. 6660/P05 Supima

Customisation of each fabric on request

The strengths, as always in the Pontex Collections, are the wide choice of high quality fabrics together with highly competitive prices All Pontex fabrics can be provided in organic cotton, certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), upon request. 



Jacquard and Yarn-dyed: fantasy and patterns multiply

Yarn-dyed fabrics with an increased patterned effect and jacquards with playful structured textures for a lively capsule collection multiplied in its dyes and structures art. 01373/TFS/Y Dobby Stretch 98% Cotton 2% Elastane weight 295m2 width 434 Yarn-dyed and jacquard: the best selection of these types of fabrics for clothing is included in the next Fall-Winter Collection by Pontex.  Fully customisable concerning colour and processing, we propose them for the realisation of blazers, coats and trousers with a strong and definite character, in line with must and trends established by stylists and designers.  Proposals, those for the next Autumn and Winter, in which visual impact is emphasized in order to highlight the presence of the fabric and its added value that, to the touch, must show the excellence of the know-how of our company.In the choice of Pontex, the nobleness of authenticity re-emerges, for a selection of fabrics for clothing that are really high-quality and unique, robust and efficient, protective and flexible at the same time.  Adaptable, soft and long-lasting: the qualities of yarn-dyed fabrics  In “yarn-dyed” fabrics, each single yarn is dyed before it becomes the warp or weft of a fabric. Many yarns dyed in different colours thus create a particular pattern, a design that is obtained from the loom (and not directly printed on the fabric).  art. 01723/Tfs/1834 Dobby T.F.Smer 96% Cotton 4% Elastane weight 295m2, 440mtl width 146/149 Yarn-dyed fabrics are characterised by exceptional adaptability: this permits their use both on obverse and reverse, leaving unlimited possibilities of choosing to stylists, designers and creative talents. They are soft and long-lasting at the same time and allow to create particular interweaving and colour contrasts.  Fantasy knows no bounds with Pontex proposals: our customers can choose the type of structure they prefer; in fact, the pattern is created by effects or interweaving of coloured warps and wefts.  art. 01725/Tfs/1854 Matt Mouline T.F.Smer 98% Cotton 2% Elastane weight 280m2, 420mtl width 146/149 art. 01324/Cover 98% Cotton 2% Elastane weight 305m2 width 435 art. 01324/Cover 98% Cotton 2% Elastane weight 305m2 width 435 In clothing, these fabrics are the best choice to realise classic trousers in stretch cotton, with straight and regular wearability, and sportswear trousers, soft and modern, to be combined with the trendiest sneakers of the moment.  Jacquard designs for precious fabrics  The search for elegance finds a precious ally in jacquard fabric, due to its characteristics that have always enthralled the fashion world.  Jacquard fabrics have unlimited possibilities of application and are characterised by the way they are processed: the pattern of the fabric is created by weaving coloured warp and weft.  Jacquard Fabrics Pontex This allows to create an unlimited variety of patterns, interweaving and contrasts.  Jacquard creates a three-dimensional effect, with 3D structures, because the structure of the fabric is embossed.  Jacquard means comfort and warmth, softness and sophisticated look: what we look for when we wear a blazer or a coat.  These clothes, combined with trousers, shirt and sneakers, create a modern and complete look, rich in personality. The capsule collection by Pontex consists of yarn-dyed and jacquard fabrics entirely produced in Italy.  100 % Made in Italy and utmost customisation  The yarn-dyed and jacquard fabrics for clothing by Pontex are entirely processed and developed in Italy: a further added value, the continuity of the production chain, certainty in a period still dominated by instability.  Structure, composition, colour, pattern, processing: each one of these aspects can be customised to meet our Customers’ needs and requests. Our Style office offers a development and consultancy service to turn into reality those ideas in which design, style and trend interweave. Contact us for more information about our products at our e-mail info@pontexspa.it or visit our Collection 23/24  navigate_next

LA Textile – september 28/30

We will present our new Fall Winter 23/24 Collection in LA Textile: September 28th to 30th. Visit our booth at booth 267. We hope to see you on that occasion and we invite you to contact us writing an e mail to info@pontexspa.it for furthere information about our products. navigate_next

Trousers as a starting point

Contemporary sophisticated, top-quality: this is a Cruna pair of trousers, “chosen” in its velvet version with art. 06657/P05 by Pontex Spa Trousers from Cruna Collection - ph. © Cruna Trousers from Cruna Collection - ph. © Cruna Trousers from Cruna Collection - ph. © Cruna Cruna, that in Italian means eye of a needle. Cruna, like the brand Cruna born in Vicenza in 2013 at the hands of Alessandro Fasolo and Tommaso Pinotti.  Excellence, in trousers for men, is what the two founding partners have searched for since the beginning: “Cruna trousers”, in fact, stand out because they are obtained from the best fabrics, rigorously Made in Italy.  To the excellent quality of the fabric, technical and stylistic innovation is added for a product that wants to meet the needs of the modern and dynamic man.  Trousers from Cruna Collection - ph. © Cruna Trousers from Cruna Collection - ph. © Cruna Trousers from Cruna Collection - ph. © Cruna Trousers from Cruna Collection - ph. © Cruna - realised with art. 06657/P05 VELVET 4.5W 100% Cotton @ Pontex Spa Velvet: the perfect ingredient to combine classic and casual  Elegance and comfort guide this important brand with which we are proud to collaborate. In a perfect crossing between classic and casual style, Cruna perfectly interprets the values of our company that has been in the market for 50 years with an excellence and uniqueness recognised also by the most prestigious style offices and brands all over the world.  50 years of history, those of Pontex: 50 years of tradition, 50 years that are the result of a work carried on with passion and of a steadfast dedication passed down through generations, that is a source of great satisfaction today, which allowed the company to develop a strong identity.  CRUNA trousers are trousers that “make men happy” as written by Repubblica Affari e Finanza (RepublicBusiness and Finance) in this article, “because they have a soft waistband”. In fact, velvet is the best fabric to represent “malleable and comforting” clothes, trousers in particular, that last forever. Unique clothes with high resistance, that accompany us over time to reduce any form ofwaste Velvet trousers are one of the must have of Pontex Fall-Winter Collection Velvet trousers are one of the must have of the Fall-Winter Collection: proposed in different colours and corduroy with 500,1000, 2000 stripes Detail of article 06657/P05 in Velvet 4.5W   Detail of article 06657/P05 in Velvet 4.5W  Detail of article 06657/P05 in Velvet 4.5W  SEE MORE Discover the Pontex Collection of velvets and Moleskine Discover the “great beauty” of velvet and Moleskine for the Collection Fall-Winter 23/24 Contact us for more information about our fabrics: info@pontexspa.it  We thank CRUNA for their kind permission to reproduce their photographs navigate_next