We will present our Fall Winter Collection at the Première Vision Paris: from 5 to 7 July, stand 6D6. Visit our digital shop here and contact us for more information about our products: 

Premiére Vision Paris: 5/7 july 2022 – stand 6D6

We will present our new Fall Winter Collection in Munich Fabric Start: from the 30st of august to the 1nd of september, hall H3 - stand D 07. We hope to see you on that occasion and we invite you to contact us writing an e mail to for forthere information about our products.

Munich Fabric Start – 30 august/1 september 2022 – hall H3, stand D 07

The Pontex Capsule Collection is dressed in resistance, compactness and sustainability thanks to the resin-coated fabrics ideal for a technological and innovative look of outerwear Wearing outerwear has never been so trendy thanks to resin-coated clothing fabrics: innovative and technological jackets and raincoats with a casual, stylish look. The resin-coated clothing fabrics can be of different materials and colors and allow you to create garments that combine comfort and efficiency, style and trend.  To wear in all seasons. Resin-coated fabrics: what they are and what characteristics they have Resinated fabrics are natural or synthetic fabrics subjected to the resin operation, through the deposition on the textile fibers of a resin that can be natural or acrylic.  They have versatile characteristics of great utility: despite the resin treatment, they still maintain lightness and texture. They are very strong and compact and can be combined very well with other fabrics. Antibacterial, anti-stain, anti-mold, anti-crease, resin-coated fabrics can also be ironed. Biological resins art. 01189 Sweet Resine Gots art. 01189 Sweet Resine Gots The novelty of the Pontex Research and Development team is sustainable: bio-based organic resins with a palette of natural colors, of vegetable origin and therefore made through eco-compatible processes, which do not use chemicals: no toxicity, therefore, and absence of allergic reactions on the skin. Pontex also uses resins with natural dyes to make jackets, gabardines and trousers. Timeless resins, resins without season Cotton, organic cotton, linen and nylon are the most used textile fibers in the Pontex Collection to make resin-coated clothing fabrics. Each fabric is rigorously checked and subjected to quality control tests: calendering treatments, water repellent, spray test. In the photo: art.  05203/543 Hathor Resin-coated fabrics do not have seasonality: they allow you to create clothing to be worn in spring-summer, as well as in autumn-winter: what varies according to the request are the weight and compositions of the fabric used.      art. 2103462 Grazia Lino resinated It is possible to resin the nylon to make a winter duvet, or to resin the linen / cotton to create a duster that is water resistant and water repellant.   from left to right: art.  02007 / K48 Versilia resin coated, art.  01611 / K48 resin-coated Indian canvas, art.05037 / K48 Roger resin-coated We also play with resins to change the optical effect of the fabric, for example through coatings that allow you to obtain different color nuances between the right and the reverse.   The resins change the hand of the fabric and can give different aspects, also increasing its resistance: this is the case of the “Barbour” hand, for example, which gives body and vigor to the fabric for clothing and a vintage look to the garment. To produce clothes that last over time: an objective that must absolutely be pursued to make the fashion system circulate: a fashion that creates durable and desirable products, that is clothes that remain beautiful over time and are always "in fashion", is circular. art. 01121/580 Pepper Wind waterproof Jacket art. 01121/540 Pepper Wind waterproof Jacket Maximum customization   In the Pontex proposal, every customer request can be customized: thanks to the collaboration with Italian companies specialized in resin coating, we are able to supply any type of resin-coated fabric for clothing.   Contact us for more information on our products: 

The strength of the resin for technological and innovative outerwear