Outwear: Fall-Winter trends with technical and coupled fabrics

High-performing technical and coupled fabrics are the choice made by Pontex to realise trendy blazers and jackets ready to face the cold season   

Technical fabrics, with couplings of microfibres and membranes: water and wind resistant and always trendy for sport and outdoor, they are the “key” fabrics for clothing for the realisation of outwear to be worn in Autumn and Winter.

Trends of Pontex are clear: blazers and jackets compete for the Fall-Winter scene combined with sweatshirts, trousers and sneakers.

The result is guaranteed: a successful outfit, during the week-end as well as in every-day life. 

City and mountains, sport and outdoor

Outwear is an element that for sure cannot be missing in the wardrobe during the coldest and wettest months of the year.

With the fabrics for clothing proposed in the Pontex Collection it is possible to realise clothes for a classic outwear, to be worn in the city, but also super technical mountain clothes with Water Repellent treatments, comfortable and performing in movement conditions and able to protect from bad weather. 

Whether in the city or in the mountains, technology and research in Pontex fabrics allow outwear to express itself with high-level performances without losing aesthetic warmth. 


The technical and coupled fabrics of the Pontex collection offer protection and comfort and are characterised by high performance. 

They are: 

  • breathable
  • waterproof
  • windproof
  • anti-bacterial
  • they maintain thermal insulation
  • resistant to wear and repeated push-ups 
  • light

in the picture on the right: art. 05208/562 Dioniso Double 100% Polyamide + Polyurethane weight 135/145mt2 200mtl width 144/147

Furthermore, they fit perfectly, they do not require ironing and can be machine washed at medium temperature. Like this resin treated jacket realised from 100% cotton.    


Collection of technical, coupled and resin treated fabrics for the Fall-Winter 23/24

Customisation of colour and fabric  

Pontex pays great attention to all details offering a wide choice of fabrics for clothing, that can be customised depending on the customer’s needs: for base, obverse and reverse, colour, pattern, type of resin treatment and WR treatment. 

Try now the unique quality of the fabrics for clothing by Pontex: contact us for more information about our products at our e-mail info@pontexspa.it or visit our Collection 23/24