Shirts: the timeless and four-season piece of clothing, an absolute must have in everybody’s wardrobe

Wearing a shirt means loving comfort and style, for a comfortable and impeccable look that Pontex has been proposing for more than 50 years through high-quality shirt-weight fabrics  

Shirt in fabric by Pontex 100% cotton: art. 01203/P05 Prisma PXT – width 145/148 – weight 140/150mtl

The history of shirt dates back to the ancient Roman Empire: at that time, it was used as a garment to be worn under dresses, it did not have any collar and it was realised with one fabric alone. Furthermore, sleeves did not have seams and were obtained from the rest of the garment. 

Over the years, the techniques to tailor shirts have consigned us a contemporary piece of clothing: a shirt is provided with sleeves, separated from the rest of the garment, with a neckline and more and more refined fabrics like linen and silk, because the element that makes the difference in this type of garment is, for sure, the quality of the fabric. 

Since 1950, Pontex realises only the best shirt-weight fabrics: top-quality yarns are carefully selected to create very different weights, hands and looks.
It means that the same model can present different looks: slight variations sometimes, or even very significant ones depending on the type of garment we need, anyway always maintaining the strong charm of this great classic of the wardrobe, that is a synonymous with practicality and timeless class.

Cotton or elastomer cotton?
Viscose or Rayon? Silk or cotton silk? 
Choosing the fabric depending on the type of shirt that we want to realise is very important  

Choosing the fabric 

In general, the most used fabric to realise shirts is cotton: it is the one that lasts longer over time and it is often the first choice made by the big brands of fashion. The cotton used for yarns for shirts shall belong to long or extralong-fibre cottons. 

In particular, Pima cotton, well known for its high quality, is provided with natural shininess and resistance to use that make it very suitable for shirts because it has a very soft hand. 

Stretch cotton, “poplin”, is very used to tailor this piece of clothing: it allows to obtain a fresh and dry hand, a compact look that is soft and elastic at the same time. 

Shirt in fabric Pontex: art. 5610/000 Neith 55% Viscosa 45% Rayon – width 132/136 – weight gr 95mt2    

Viscose, rayon, cotton, linen, silk and cotton silk too are fabrics that are very used for shirts, proposed in the capsule collection by Pontex.

  • viscose: soft, shiny and pleasant to touch, it is the ideal choice for light, breathable shirts that dry in a little time and that usually do not create creases and crumples;
  • rayon cotton, cotton combined with rayon, a cellulose fibre based on cellulose that increases its anti-crease resistance and duration. Shirts with a shiny and uniform look are thus obtained.T
  • linen, the breathable fabric par excellence: resistant, fresh and ecological for “eco-friendly” shirts;
  • silk and cotton silk for one of the most loved, celebrated and shown off essentials in women’s wardrobes: the light and fluid blouse that maintains the charm of the past with an almost “fluid”, impalpable look, that allows us to indulge ourselves with colours and looks. 

Engraved in the hand: all our fabrics, depending on the yarn (therefore on the fibre used and on processing), on the structured texture and finishing, may vary in a significant way in look and hand, giving the final piece of clothing a really different look and comfort. 
The characteristics “felt by the hand” touching the fabric are: warmth, freshness, softness, compactness, etc.

Type and weight of the yarn used for the shirt-weight fabrics are studied by the Research & Development office of Pontex in order to satisfy the most varied needs: from 100 to 170 grams per linear metre for cotton, Pima cotton, stretch and fixed cotton poplin, viscose, rayon cotton and linen fabrics. 

Shirts in fabric by Pontex: in the colours white, black, orange, beige, blue (Season Spring Summer 2024). 
White: art. 12098/00; black: art.1203/000; orange: art.1535; beige: art. 1203/59 Prisma; blue: art.1203/000 

Wide range of shirt-weight fabrics available in stock 

All the shirt-weight fabrics by Pontex are available in stock (stock service) and in basic colours, with the possibility to customise their weight and colour. The discreet elegance of white is also expressed through colours in the new proposal for shirts made by Pontex for the next Spring/Summer season: black, blue, orange and beige