Spring-summer fabrics for clothing

Cotton, ramiè, linen, viscose, rayon: why they are the ideal fabrics to realise fresh and breathable fabrics for clothing 

art. 09002/640 RAMIE SILKY TOUCH  100% RAMIE 139/142 55GRM2 – 80 GR MT LIN

Warm days have arrived and finally it is time to wear our favourite spring-summer clothes. In the spirit of sustainability and respect for environment, and to take care of our skin too, we can choose fabrics that are natural by their nature and biodegradable artificial fabrics, ideal to realise outfits that are trendy for every occasion at the same time.

We chose cotton, ramiè, linen, viscose and rayon for shirts, tank tops and tops, shirt dresses, trousers and shorts, tunics and soft and light dresses, playing with transparencies and overlays.

Natural fibres: linen, cotton, ramiè 

Linen, cotton and ramiè are natural fibres that guarantee the utmost freshness and breathability to the piece of clothing. 


Cotton is a fibre with a natural origin, characterised by lightness. It is very resistant, hypoallergenic and breathable too, soft on skin and able to disperse body heat very well. It can be washed by hand both with laundry soap and other detergents.
Furthermore, cotton is ideal for dyeing and printing. 
Here are two 100% cotton proposals for the spring-summer 2024: 


It is a cellulose natural fibre: hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Eco-friendly, traceable, aesthetically pleasing, linen is a great ally against humidity, because it neither attracts nor holds dust: therefore, it is perfect for spring-summer clothes. Its fibre is characterised by a high resistance therefore, a piece of clothing in linen, if well maintained, will keep its characteristics unchanged for many years. 

art. 4204/P05 CLEMATIS PXT 56% COTTON 44% LINEN weight 85m2 125mtl height 145/148


It is a precious fibre that is very similar to silk, so much that it deserves the epithet “vegetal silk”. It has got medium resistance and tenacity, it becomes a little less creased than linen and guarantees a better resistance to wrinkles. Soft, shiny, elastic and uniform, it resists well to torsion and perfectly maintains its shape also after many washings at a high temperature. 

art. 9001/P05 RAMIE PXT 100% RAMIE weight 100/110mtl height 142/146 – art. 2059/P05 LUDOVICA TURBANG 100% LINO weight 140mt2 215mtl height 145/148

Artificial textile fibres: viscose

Viscose (or rayon) is an artificial textile fabric, produced starting from a fibre that is already present in nature, cellulose, that is obtained from wood. Therefore, it is not to be confused with synthetic fibres, because these, on the contrary, are produced starting from materials that do not exist in nature (like polyester), and are the result of chemical syntheses made by man.
Soft and shiny, it is a breathable fibre that absorbs humidity and gives a touch of freshness on skin: for this reason, it is very pleasant to wear. It resists very well to wear and absorbs well the colours that look very shiny. It can be dyed at any step of production.
Viscose is often combined with other fabrics like linen and rayon, to provide the pieces of clothing with further peculiar characteristics. 

art. 5609/P05 TULIP PXT 42% LINEN 29% VISCOSE 29% RAYON weight 70m2 100mtl height 143/146

The Pontex selection for a unique wardrobe

Pontex proposes a special selection of Cotton, ramiè, linen, viscose, rayon, to be used simple or combined with each other, more and more diversified in their uses for a wardrobe made of unique pieces of clothing where the themes of sustainability and conscious production, of pragmatism and rationality prevail. With a touch of frivolousness, all the more necessary, bringing a summery and colourful note thanks to the dense and energetic shades associated to them. 

All the fabrics for clothing by Pontex can be customised and are designed to meet any customer’s need.
Discover the Collection of fabrics for clothing Spring Summer 2024 and contact us for further information: info@pontexspa.it


Outwear is protagonist again

Technical, resin-treated and coupled: they are the perfect fabrics to realise pieces of clothing that are protective but elegant, refined and sophisticated at the same time. What you need to know about these fabrics for clothing Capsule Collection Technical Resin-treated Coupled Pontex, Fall-Winter 24/25 The limit between elegance and performance is becoming narrower and narrower in the proposal of new textile solutions for haute couture pieces of clothing, exploring practical and sporty outfits that are refined, classy, nice and accurate. For those who want to try new creativities and escape from the monotony of a “standard” wardrobe. Why technical, resin-treated and coupled fabrics?  – Protection (without forgetting elegance) Technical, resin-treated and coupled fabrics for clothing are perfect to realise outwear to be worn every day like, for example, blazers, jackets, parkas, raincoats, trenches. They are designed and developed with specific advanced characteristics to meet particular needs like, for example, resistance to water and wind and to abrasion. These fabrics are:  waterproofinsulatingresistantprotectiveperforminglight What does “outwear” mean? Picture by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash The word "outwear" is used to refer to pieces of clothing to be worn on other clothes (for example sweaters, shirts or t-shirts), with the purpose of providing additional warmth and protecting from bad weather: wind, rain, snow, unpleasant weather conditions in general. Nowadays, outwear acquires new meanings in the fashion universe and its pieces of clothing are increase in number to let you customise your own look and express yourself, your characteristics, your beauty and your own uniqueness.   The proposal by Pontex  Cottons and velvets, polyester, printed cottons are the solutions mostly used by Pontex to realise technical, resin-treated and coupled pieces of clothing: solutions are unlimited and customisable and vary depending on the style you want to obtain and the main function of every piece of clothing. All Pontex fabrics are: soft, breathable, realised with fibres that are both natural and artificial with a natural origin, for pieces of clothing with a simply unique look and hands with a “peachy” effect. To make outwear waterproof, Pontex uses high-performance finishings: WR Water Repellency treatments, spray tests, coating. In order to give outwear new awesomeness, new resins with scratched and cracked effects and with opalescent and pearl effects are applied on the fabric. Pontex Capsule Collection of technical, resin-treated, coupled fabrics art. 01788/R01 ORCHID SUP.STR.+RESINS, 98% COTTON 2% ELASTOMER + RESINS width 136/140 weight275mt2 420mtl art. 06626/595 VELVET LI 35W COUPLED JERSEY 48% COTTON 50% POLYESTER 2% ELASTOMER width136/139 weight 375mt2 art. 06639/595 48% COTTON 50% POLIEPOLESTER 2% ELASTOMER width 133/136 weight 435 m2 The Pontex Capsule Collection includes fabrics 100% customisable both in colours and fabrics. Contact us for more information about our fabrics for clothing: commerciale@pontexspa.it - commerciale1@pontexspa.it - +39 059 356252 or Discover the Collection of fabrics by Pontex Fall-Winter  navigate_next

Cupro: the eco-friendly fabric that “is good” for skin and environment

Cupro is sustainable, light and shiny: an ally to green fashion and to those who want to feel and be good. What to know about this fabric for clothing    Capsule Collection Cupro Pontex, Fall-Winter 24/25 It is also called “vegetable silk” due to its characteristics: soft and fluid, it has got an exclusive “peachy” finishing that you would expect from a refined and luxury fabric like silk. We are talking about Cupro, a one-hundred-per-cent green fabric for clothing: in fact, this fibre derives from the cotton wool and then becomes cellulose, it is biodegradable and fully recyclable. The main characteristics of Cupro: It is smooth and breathableIt is pleasant to touch and to be put on  It is freshIt is natural and hypoallergenic It has got thermoregulating properties  Concerning pieces of clothing, Cupro is ideal to realise dresses, shirts and soft and fluctuating outwear, due to its softness and capability to drape gently, lending a beautiful silhouette. An elegant choice, then, but comfortable too, when we search for a look that is sophisticated and comfortable at the same time, functional and green.Thanks to its thermoregulating properties, Cupro is very used in summer, but it can be used in autumn and winter too because it is able to keep the heat without dispersing it.    Pontex Capsule Collection in Cupro   Pontex has realised a Capsule Collection consisting of three fabrics for clothing Made in Italy both 100% Cupro, and mixed with polyester and polyamide.  art. 07073/648 100% CUPRO art. 07071/648 100% CUPRO art. 07070 CUPRO 41% POLIESTERE 34% CUPRO 25% POLIAMMIDE Discover our Fall-Winter Collection 24/25 navigate_next

Summer closures

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