We act following the 17 goals of the Agenda 2030 for a sustainable development .
Our engagement is for the sustainability all the supply chain along, through the respect of workers and consumers health, the realization of creative and production processes, the enhancement of creative recycle and investment in innovation and research.

The textile certifications are the base in order to define a sustainable fashion.
For this purpose, we have chosen to put into our collections an increased number of fabrics able to grant the highest respect of the environment, keeping in the meantime the tradition and the history which since ever have been characterizing our Company.

Many of our fabrics have the following certifications :
GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), BCI (Best Cotton Initiative) and OCS (Organic Content Standard) for the organic textile, each of ones states the sustainable production starting from yarn until finished fabrics.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

The certification Global Organic Textile Standard states the utilization of natural fibers coming from biological agriculture, such as the biological cotton. This means that the product has been fully realized following the restrictions applied in respect of the environmental and social protection and at all levels of the production process: cultivation of the fiber, dyeing, finish, labeling.

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative)

Cotton is a natural fiber, the most natural we can utilize!
We do use cotton from responsible production applying the standards of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), the biggest no-profit organization which works in order to ensure a more sustainable future in the Cotton field.
Applying to these standards it means that more sustainable productions are generally put on under the points of view of environment, social, economical. By consequence, results are : utilize the water more efficiently, decrease the utilization of chemicals and negative effects of pesticides, improve life s workers conditions and the development of cotton cultivators.

OCS (Organic Content Standard)

Cotton is the most biological origin s fiber. Our biological cotton has got the OCS certification which ensures the biological origin  of the yarn fibers and their traceability along the whole supply chain of the eco sustainable production.


  • Sustainability from A to Z: yarns, raw materials, Gots natural dyes, bio-based resins.

  • Sustainability from A to Z: yarns, raw materials, Gots natural dyes, bio-based resins.

  • Sustainability from A to Z: yarns, raw materials, Gots natural dyes, bio-based resins.

  • Sustainability from A to Z: yarns, raw materials, Gots natural dyes, bio-based resins.

  • Sustainability from A to Z: yarns, raw materials, Gots natural dyes, bio-based resins.

  • Sustainability from A to Z: yarns, raw materials, Gots natural dyes, bio-based resins.


Best wishes for Happy Holidays from Pontex

Our office and warehouse will be closed for Christmas Holidays during the following period:from Saturday 24th december 2022 to Sunday 8nd January 2023.We will open on Monday 09th January 2023 with new opening hours 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. With our best wishes of a Merry Christmas,Pontex staff navigate_next

Company Welfare: organisational flexibility with new working hours

At a time of economic turmoil like the current one, in which the need to save energy is very clear too, Pontex has chosen the path of organisational flexibility, with a view to the work life balance Photo by Celpax on Unsplash At a time of economic turmoil like the current one, in which companies also have the necessity to optimise energy costs, Pontex has chosen the path of organisational flexibility: company offices and registered office, starting from Monday the 21st November 2022, are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with continued schedule. A decision that was inspired by the will of the company top management, with a view to the work life balance, that is now one of the main factors sought-after by Italian workers when they choose a company (according to what emerges from the results of the Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022), and to increase the wellness of its employees and collaborators, with particular attention to the needs of female workers for whom conciliation between working and family life represents a priority aspect. And last but not the least, in a year like this, this choice is supported by the need to optimise energy costs and to follow the road of sustainability turning "the lights on" only when it is absolutely necessary. "In such a complex historical moment, also worsen by an increased cost of energy and by the Russia/Ukraine crisis - Letizia Ferretti, CEO Pontex underlines -, we believe it is necessary to take actions to support our collaborators, in order to increase their wellness. For sure, time is an important benefit, maybe the most precious resource that we have at our disposal in this period and pandemics has taught it to all of us. In times of energy crisis, we also want to work on the culture of economy and costs optimisation: rescheduling the working hours can be a solution." Code words: company wellness and energy saving for our company that this year has chosen to celebrate a great milestone, its first 50 years, together with its employees. navigate_next

Tencel Prêt-à-porter 

Tencel is a fibre with a natural structure, it is eco-friendly and it softly and gently leans on skin: this is why it is «ready-to-wear» Tencel sets a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort: it allows to realise fabrics for clothing that are soft and gentle on skin, with a very low impact on environment because it is a fibre with a natural structure.  In fact, it is produced starting with eucalyptus trees, from which wood pulp is extracted: for this reason, it is the most ecologically compatible artificial cellulose fibre.    Fabrics for clothing in Tencel: They are durable, elastic, soft and light, therefore indicated for sensitive skinThey maintain their elasticity also after many washingsThey do not require particular care and attention when washing or drying and they do not need to be ironed (but if you want to iron them it is enough to set iron at a very low temperature)They are breathable, because the eucalyptus wood they are obtained from has the advantage of absorbing humidity in a natural way. Which piece of clothing for what outfit? We chose Tencel to realise clothes intended for a refined and functional outdoor. Like the shirt Gwen 100% Tencel, with a very warm and soft hand, and perfect wearability: to be worn under a soft sweater or an embracing coat, combined with trousers with essential lines.  Shirt Gwen Pontex® art. 01803/P05 GWEN PXT 100% Tencel - weight 155mt2 230mtl width 144/147 Code words, versatility and colour Versatility is one of the strong points of Tencel that, thanks to the absorption capacity of the fibres it is made of, is able to show definitely intense colours and offer generous nuances. This Gwen shirt, for example, is realised in azalea colour: a boost of good humour, proposed by some fashion designers in a total-look formula too. Combined with green or brown trousers, for example, it stands even more out in its finishings and shades, for a modern outfit that maintains its sense and significance despite the passing of time. A new way to achieve sustainability, we could say, that is implemented through the choice of unique clothes with a long life. Tencel, cotton and elastomer    Tencel has got many virtues, as you have read above, and, if it is combined with other fibres like cotton and elastomer, it also obtains the one of being stretch: an effect that deserves particular attention in the realisation of trousers for men and women. Softness, durability and elasticity become fundamental characteristics when we choose trousers to be worn all day, that Pontex proposes in a wide range of colours: Dark Brown Deep and refined, in the trousers Atena Dobby   art.  01621/P02 Atena Dobby Tencel Stretch Piuma Pxt - 53% Tencel 45% Cotton 2% elastomer - weight 285mt2 425mtl width 144/147  Pistachio Green Warm and intense, in the trousers Clio Tencel art. 01622/P02 - 60% Tencel 40% Cotton - weight 250mt2 365mtl width 144/147 Azalea in the trousers Wisteria, season nuance that brings energy, optimism, love  art.  01805/P49 - 75% Cotton 22% Tencel 3% elastomer - weight 200mt2 width 143/146 Bright Neon Orang in the Blossom, elegant and high-waisted palazzo trousers, not to go unnoticed art.  01805/P49 - 75% Cotton 22% Tencel 3% elastomer - weight 200mt2 width 143/146 Long life to Tencel  Therefore, long life to Tencel if we want to embrace the path of sustainability choosing fibres with a low impact on environment.Wearing a piece of clothing realised with this fabric means making an eco-friendly choice, in line with the course set by the European Community concerning sustainable fabrics for clothing. With the purpose of reducing the impact of this field on environment, the Strategy of the European Union adopted on the last 30th March 2022 aims at passing to a circular and climate-neutral economy within 2030. Textile products sold in the European market shall be more durable, reusable, repairable and efficient, free from dangerous substances and produced respecting human and environment rights.   Immagine di jcomp su Freepik The document of the strategy states: “By 2030 textile products placed on the EU market are long-lived and recyclable, to a great extent made of recycled fibres, free of hazardous substances and produced in respect of social rights and the environment. Consumers benefit longer from high quality affordable textiles, fast fashion is out of fashion, and economically profitable re-use and repair services are widely available. In a competitive, resilient and innovative textiles sector, producers take responsibility for their products along the value chain, including when they become waste. The circular textiles ecosystem is thriving, driven by sufficient capacities for innovative fibre-to-fibre recycling, while the incineration and landfilling of textiles is reduced to the minimum”.  Maximum customisation Each fabric for clothing by Pontex can be customised, in colour and composition, depending on the Customer’s needs and request. Our Style office is at your disposal to make each request, that weaves design, style and trend together, come true. art. 01805/P49 Wisteria Tencel S.Peach Pxt (dark brown) art 01804/P05 Blossom St. Pxt (Azalea) art. 01621/P02 Atena Dobby (green) art. 01622/P02 Clio Tencel Dobby Piuma Pxt (Midnight green) Choose among the number of fabrics by Pontex for the realisation of Trousers and Blazers for men and women Visit our Collection Fall-Winter 23/24  or contact us for more information about our products at our e-mail   navigate_next

All the nuances of Trousers: discover the proposals for the next season

Trousers: the best fabrics for Autumn and Winter  100% cotton, stretch cotton and cotton velvet, viscose, tencel and modal art. 01341/P02 Modena Stretch Piuma (feather) Pxt  97% Cotton 3% Elastomer weight 405/415mtl height 144/147 The quality of fabrics is the main ingredient of the trousers made by Pontex, realised in 100% cotton, stretch cotton and cotton velvet, viscose, tencel and modal for the utmost comfort and wearability. Relaxed-fit trousers have become an indispensable piece of clothing in everybody’s wardrobe: comfortable and with high wearability, they are perfect to be worn if you are looking for a sporty and super cool look in any context and situation, at work as well as in your leisure time. For an outfit that leaves you free to move without compromising on style. Pontex, in line with fashion trends, proposes a wide range of fabrics for clothing with soft and sagging hands, 100% cotton or stretch cotton, cotton velvet, viscose and modal, to realise trousers that meet every need of style, both classic and casual. 100% cotton 100% cotton fabrics are:  versatile, warm, non-allergenic and delicate on skin  Fixed cottons proposed in the Pontex Collection present new structured textures and embossed structures to realise unique and refined trousers, ready to wear.They can be customised in colours and finishings, depending on needs.  In this picture, for example, we propose a 100% pure cotton flannel in mustard colour, with warm and soft hand (and a weight that is suitable to realise trousers to be used in Autumn).   art. 01721/P05 Flannel 100% Cotton weight 150m2 height 137/140 The fabric Vallon Peach by Pontex, always realised with 100% cotton, is proposed in this version in midnight green colour, saturate and dense, a fundamental dark in the palette of fashionable colours for the next season.  art. 01603/P49 Vallon S.Peach Pxt 100% Cotton weight 285mt2 height 147/150 The fabrics for clothing in stretch cotton are characterised by their elasticity and high recovery stretch without losing their shape and wearability.  Therefore, they are perfect for the realisation of trousers that, once worn, ensure utmost comfort and freedom to move in every situation.  Stretch cottons Stretch cottons, for their part, can be divided into super stretch (leggings effect) like in our articles Sateen Super Stretch Piuma (feather), Camelia and Amaryllis proposed in these pictures in different colour varieties among which a testa di moro (dark brown) and a mustard yellow colour art. 01170/P02 Sateen Super Stretch Piuma Pxt 97% Cotton 3% Elastomer weight 217mt2 height 136/140  art. 01587/P05 Sateen Amaryllis Super Stretch Pxt 97% Cotton 3% Elastomer weight 340m2 515mtl height 147/150   art. 01513/P49 Camelia Fine Twill Sup. Str. Peach Pxt 97% Cotton 3% Elastomer weight 235m2 350mtl height 143/146 and in mixtures with modal, tencel and viscose; mixing cotton with these fibres allows to obtain fabrics with warm and soft hands without any prejudice to uniformity, shininess, elasticity and durability. Cotton velvet, viscose, tencel and modal velvets  When we talk about Autumn and Winter, fashion trends require, most of all, velvet that, mixed with viscose, tencel and modal, allows to create trousers with a very fluid and sagging look, with very high wearability.  art. 06667/640 13W Modal Stretch Silky Touch 73% Cotton 25% Modal 2% Elastomer weight 245 mt2 360mtl height 144/147 art. 06666/P05 Velvet 9W Pxt 100% Viscose weight 230mt2 315mtl height 133/136 The azalea colour, among many, brings its playful and happy character in the palette of colours of Pontex.  Nowadays, velvet can be worn everywhere at any time of the day, depending on how it is matched: it can be worn with ease during the day, at work, or become elegant in the evening, on social occasions.  Depending on treatments and mixtures, velvet can assume a casual or sportswear look for a clean and very elegant effect.  We propose it smooth, more classic, needle corduroy, for a more sporty use, or rocciatore, characterised by an alternation of wide and narrow wale, for a more precious effect. In a varied palette that composes and mixes strong, conflicting or relaxing colours, to create a unique and timeless style, like in the triptych of trousers here below. In these proposals, the corduroy velvet jacket surely cannot be missing, nostalgic and gutsy, always trendy. Another unique piece of clothing that cannot be missing in our wardrobe. Trousers in rocciatore velvet: art. 06657/P05 Velvet 4.5W weight 290mt2 430 mtl height 144/147 Jacket in rocciatore velvet: art. 06657/P05 Velvet 4.5 W weight 290mt2 430 mtl height 144/147 Jacket in rocciatore velvet: art. 06657/P05 Velvet 4.5 W weight 290mt2 430 mtl height 144/147 All the compositions of fabrics for clothing by Pontex can be enriched with finishing, frosted, gauzed and diamond-cut hands (on the obverse side and on the reverse side) to make them even more fluffy, extremely soft and pleasant to the touch thanks to the ”peachskin” effect (that offers the fuzzy softness of the peach) and raisings (on the reverse side) for a very warm fleece effect as it can be seen in the detail of these 100% cotton trousers. art. 01601/P01 100% Falkner Brushed Pxt Cotton weight 250mt2 360mtl height 142/145 art. 01601/P01 100% Falkner Brushed Pxt Cotton weight 250mt2 360mtl height 142/145 art. 01601/P01 100% Falkner Brushed Pxt Cotton weight 250mt2 360mtl height 142/145 For any type of trousers (whether they are leggings, joggers, palazzo (flared) trousers and fleece trousers) it is possible to indulge ourselves with the choice of different types of structured textures, gabardines, satins, tricotines, broken twill, slub cottons, bull denim, to customise each piece of clothing thus making it unique and inimitable.  Example of structured texture: art. 01619/P49 Calicanto Broken Twill Str. S.Peach 97% Cotton 3% Elastomer weight 270m2 Example of structured texture: art. 01606/P02 Crozzon Bi-Stretch Peach Pxt 97% Cotton 3% Elastomer weight 275mt2 height 145/148 Example of structured texture: art. 01437/P02 Broken 98% Cotton 2% Spandex weight 380/390mtl height 147/150 Example of structured texture: art. 01596/P05 Crocus Tricotina Pxt weight 240m2 370mtl height 147/150 Example of structured texture: art. 01589/P01 Gardenia Cavallery Str.Pxt Garz. 97% Cotton 3% Elastomer weight 250m2 365mtl height 140/144 Quality control All the know-how of Pontex is deployed in the phase of quality control to verify the performance of our fabrics, with particular attention to the super stretch articles that sometimes, when washed, undergo considerable reduction: our staff is always working to verify technical performances of our fabrics, each one for its characteristics, and guarantee the best service to the customer.  CHOOSE AMONG THE SEVERAL FABRICS BY PONTEX FOR THE REALISATION OF WOMEN’S TROUSERS: Visit our Collection 23/24 Or contact us for more information about our products at our e-mail   navigate_next